Announcing the Cast of ANNIE!


The cast for ArtsView’s fall production has been chosen!

The ANNIE Cast

Annie – Katie Lummus

Warbucks – Stephen Lummus

Grace – Cindy Perkins

Miss Hannigan – Jana Huggins

Rooster/Bert Healy – Chae Balistreri

Lilly/Boylan Sister/Ensemble – Alyssa Marshall

Roosevelt/Dog Catcher/Ensemble – Scott Eason

Mrs. Pugh/Ensemble – Sue Olson

Drake/Ensemble – Jonah Lummus

Boylan Sister/Annette/Ensemble – Brittany Ridgeway

Cecile/Apple Seller/Wacky/Ensemble – Megan Stevens

Bundles/Howe/Esnsemble – Kevin Olson

Lt. Ward/Ensemble – Judah Armour

Mrs. Greer/Sophie/Perkins/Boylan Sister/Ensemble – Melissa Edwards

Ickes/Judge Brandis/Ensemble – Devin Huggins

Morganthau/Ensemble – Craig Walthall

Hull/Ensemble – Charles Warren

Pepper – Abby Truman

Duffy – Auburn Hilliard

Tessie – Lydia Black

Kate – Emma Rolland

July – Rebecca Olson

Molly – Kaitlyn Graves

Orphan/Assistant Dog Catcher – Katelyn Jester

Orphan Ensemble:

Abi Akin, Maleigh-Sage Feldhauser, Katelyn Eason and Makalya Martin

Congratulations to all the cast!

Thank you to all those who came out to audition!

We truly appreciate your participation.

Cast Participant Meeting will be held Monday, September 24th, at 6:00pm with rehearsal to follow. Parents are required to attend if the cast member is under the age of 18.

The ANNIE Production Team

Director: Brad Echols
Music Director: Brenda Christophersen
Assistant Director: Nathan Olson
Choreographer: Heather Surdukan
Set Design: Brent Surdukan
Scenic Artist/Carpenter: Penny Knollenberg
Paint/Set Crew: Caryn Pepper
Lighting Design: Anthony “Fro” Horner
Costume Design: Bonnie Capshaw
Make-up/Hair Design: Wendi Gibbs
Props Design: Kelli Jester
Make-up/Hair Crew: Haley Morris
Sound Design/Op: Jessie Martinez
Sound Crew: Vickie Echols
Volunteer Crew: Paige Feldhauser
Production Stage Manager: Mindy Armour
Assistant Stage Managers: Krystal Martinez and Sarah Magee
Artistic Director: Laura Bowen
Technical Director: Cody Bowen
General Manager: Pamela Bump

Don’t miss this heartwarming family production!

Click here for show times and ticket prices


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