2016 Scholarship Recipients!

Our 4 scholarship winners for 2016 are all ArtsView veterans. We are extremely proud of them and wish them the very best in the future.
Here’s a snapshot of our 4 stars!

Paige Bagley

Paige has been a part of Artsview since elementary school. ArtsView helped Paige discover her love for singing as she was in several musical camps early on. It also gave her the theatre bug and she has participated in her high school’s theatre department over the past few years. Paige plans to major in music and be a choral director. Her desire is to encourage students to follow their dreams just like did.

Elijah Bump

Elijah grew up at Artsview-literally! From an early age, Elijah enjoyed being in several camps, classes, and productions. As he grew older, he was an apprentice, teacher assistant, musical accompanist, and even a composer for a showchoir piece or two! Elijah’s time at ArtsView encouraged him to want to make a difference in the community as an adult! Elijah plans to major in accounting and help others with their finances as a career.

Allysa Brazell

Alyssa began her ArtsView career by being that little sister watching! It wasn’t long until she was old enough to be on the ArtsView stage and she jumped right in and fell in love with it. She enjoyed many camps and classes as she grew up and then became very active in her high school’s theatre program. Alyssa plans to pursue occupational therapy. She looks forward to using the creativity sparked by theatre in her field.

Kelsey McFall

Kelsey began her love for theatre and music at a very early age. She was active in camps and classes at ArtsView & even jr. apprenticing in elementary school all year round. As she grew through the camps and classes she learned what acting was all about. She learned to appreciate the other side of theatre through working tech. Kelsey plans to pursue a bachelor of fine arts in musical theatre. Her goal is to have a successful career in the arts whether it be performing, directing, or working tech crew.

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