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ArtsView believes the old adage…

“Tell me and I will forget.  Teach me and I will remember.  Involve me and I will learn.”


“Out of a classroom of thirty children… ten will be employed in an Arts-related occupation someday.”

~Education Commission of the States~


COMPREHENDING: Learning to derive meaning from written and performed plays sharpens perception and understanding of abstract ideas.

PROBLEM SOLVING: Acting games and backstage work develop ability to understand a problem and reach an appropriate solution.

LOGICAL REASONING: Analyzing characters and performances strengthens inductive and deductive reasoning and the skill to apply particular lessons to other problems and situations.

USING SYMBOLS: Writing stage shorthand and reading ground plans strengthens the use of other symbol-based systems such as math and music.

CONCEPTUALIZING: Learning to analyze and classify different types of plays and styles of performance builds the ability to deal with abstract ideas.

VERBAL AND NONVERBAL SKILLS: Acting teaches students to express themselves, understand others, and communicate both verbally and through body language.

TEAMWORK: Working on a play, we are all on the same team and no one wins unless everyone does – cast, crew, audience and all.

CONFIDENCE: Theatre teaches honest evaluation of strengths and weaknesses, while building confidence through the satisfying achievement of individual and group goals.

IMAGINATION: To reach beyond what we know and create something new requires practice.  Theatre encourages combining old information with new ideas to form art!


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