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“Tell me and I will forget.  Teach me and I will remember.  Involve me and I will learn.”

“Yes, the children will find their way back here again. Perhaps not through a production, but there are other paths that lead to ArtsView. Oh yes, they will return someday. For once an actor at ArtsView, always an actor. Once an actress, always an actress. It is important that they return, for good theater needs good actors, and good actors need a good theater. And that, perhaps, is the deepest magic of all.” – ArtsView kid, Bucky VanDoren

“Out of a classroom of thirty children… ten will be employed in an Arts-related occupation someday.”

~Education Commission of the States~


COMPREHENDING: Learning to derive meaning from written and performed plays sharpens perception and understanding of abstract ideas.

PROBLEM SOLVING: Acting games and backstage work develop ability to understand a problem and reach an appropriate solution.

LOGICAL REASONING: Analyzing characters and performances strengthens inductive and deductive reasoning and the skill to apply particular lessons to other problems and situations.

USING SYMBOLS: Writing stage shorthand and reading ground plans strengthens the use of other symbol-based systems such as math and music.

CONCEPTUALIZING: Learning to analyze and classify different types of plays and styles of performance builds the ability to deal with abstract ideas.

VERBAL AND NONVERBAL SKILLS: Acting teaches students to express themselves, understand others, and communicate both verbally and through body language.

TEAMWORK: Working on a play, we are all on the same team and no one wins unless everyone does – cast, crew, audience and all.

CONFIDENCE: Theatre teaches honest evaluation of strengths and weaknesses, while building confidence through the satisfying achievement of individual and group goals.

IMAGINATION: To reach beyond what we know and create something new requires practice.  Theatre encourages combining old information with new ideas to form art!


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