ArtsView’s Intern Program

ArtsView Children’s Theatre encourages College-Aged Interns to apply for all summer positions and PATHS events during the Fall and Spring semesters. ArtsView interns may also be eligible to apply to work on productions.

For further information, please contact Alisha Kimbley (PATHS) at, or Michelle Norris (Productions) at

The goal of the program is to expose young adults to the theater profession by:

  • providing firsthand experience working with and in theater
  • training in all aspects of children’s theater
  • facilitating individual growth in a positive work environment


Intern applicants must be high-school graduates and college-aged young adults.  Students of every race, religion, gender, and ethnic and economic background are eligible to apply.


Interns will receive a small stipend to be determined at the time of placement. 


Intern responsibilities may include artistic, technical, and administrative experiences and duties. The focus of the internship is determined by the specific position. Interns will be mentored during their placements by ArtsView directors, technical staff, and administrative staff.  Initiative is a must. Interest in working with young people is required.


Interns are responsible for transportation.  Interns must be able to commit to the completion of the assignment. He or she will be asked to sign a contract to confirm the commitment. If the contract is broken by the intern, only the portion of the stipend for which the intern worked will be paid.  Interns must have demonstrated communication skills.


Applications are required and will be reviewed by ArtsView’s administrative staff. Interviews, as well as training and orientation, are also required.  For more information, please call ArtsView at 903-236-7535 or send email.

Applicants should send an email request for the intern application, you will then be contacted regarding summer job openings.

The following are required to apply for an internship:

  • Application Form
  • Complete resume of work, experience, roles, teaching experience, technical experience, etc. Include everything pertinent. Two page limit.
  • Letter of recommendation from a college professor, OR previous employer relating to fine arts experience of any kind, OR previous employer relating to working with children

Judah Intern