ArtsView Children’s Theatre

2012-2013 Playwright Contest

ArtsView Children’s Theatre is looking for ORIGINAL WORKS to be showcased in our ORIGINAL WORKS CAMP. (No adaptations.) The winning plays will be brought to life by students in this camp, receiving either fully staged productions or staged readings, and will premiere during the summer of 2013 to the public! Submission deadline is Friday, November 9th at 5:00PM.

Camp Dates: June 24th -July 5th ~ Performance Dates: July 5th & 6th

1. There are 5 age categories. At least one winner per category will be selected if the play meets criteria listed below according to the judging panel’s decision. (There can be collaborations. Play will be placed in the oldest person’s age category.)

  • *Primary (K-2nd grade): Play should run 2-5 minutes in length
  • *Elementary (3rd-5th grade): Play should run 4-6 minutes in length
  • *Middle School (6th-8th grade): Play should run 5-8 minutes in length
  • *High School (9th-12th grade): Play should run 8-10 minutes in length
  • *Adults (College and up): Play should run 8-10 minutes in length

2. The title for this year’s contest is: Galaxy Quest: Space stories that are OUT OF THIS WORLD! The setting should take place somewhere in outer space and could be factual or fantasy. That can mean space travel or another planet. We would say the sky is the limit but….actually the universe is the limit!!!! …and beyond!

3. Plays will be appropriate for children’s theatre. Judging panel will have final decision as to whether plays are appropriate. If you have any questions concerning this as you are writing, please call ArtsView at 903.236.7535.

4. Costumes, props, and sets will be minimal. *Maximum of 5 characters in play.*

5. Plays should be written in play format.

6. Plays must be typed in a word processing document. If you have an extenuating circumstance, please call and let us know.

7. To submit a work, please deliver or mail the following to the ArtsView office:

a. Information Cover Sheet (Found in the Playwright Constest Packet)
b. Title page with the title of your play and your name
c. Printed copy of your script (Will not be returned; please make a copy!)
d. Copy of play on a CD (Will not be returned; please make a copy!)

8. Deadline for submission is Friday, November 9th at 5:00PM. NO EXCEPTIONS.

9. Winners will be listed on the front door of ArtsView Children’s Theatre and on the ArtsView website on Nov. 30th. Winners will receive a letter in the mail giving details. Winners will also be announced and honored at the ArtsView Christmas Open House on Friday, Dec. 7th at 7:00PM. The winning plays will be brought to life on stage for our Original Works Camp in the summer of 2013!

Area authors, schools, teachers, and home school communities are encouraged to participate! This is a wonderful opportunity to see original works written for children come to life through theatre!

Mail to:
ArtsView Children’s Theatre ~ Playwright Contest 2012-2013
313 West Tyler Street, Longview, Texas 75601