2017 ArtsView Board of Directors

President/Treasurer – Claire Henry

Vice President – Sarah Medin

Secretary – Libby Bryson

Fund Drive Chairman – Caryn Pepper

Lacy Barron, Libby Bryson,  Annie Davis, Terre Dunn, Vance Freeman, Jaleesa Hatchet, Kelli Hilliard, Cherika Johnson, Tyler Lohr, Bruce Pace, and Tali Wilkinson, Julie Woods.

Vickie Echols – Co-Founder, Advisor

Vickie currently serves as an advocate and advisor for ArtsView, and remembers those early days of the organization when the idea scratched on the back of a napkin was transformed by an imaginative team into a reality. The vision of “changing lives through education, outreach and the performing arts,” became more than a dream with collaboration, curiosity, commitment and care.

In addition to decades of service as an educator/administrator in Texas schools, she still finds joy in a variety of outreach projects in her community, and in supporting the arts.

She and husband Brad were raised in Kilgore and started their lives together in Longview. They can be quite boastful of sons Nick and Ross, daughter-in-law, Kristin, and three grandchildren who perform as shining stars in their lives.

Sandi Taylor – Co-Founder, Advisor

Sandi TaylorSandi’s international education includes a degree in Marketing and Merchandising with a Minor in Psychology from The University of Houston. She also has a certification from the Paris Fashion Institute in Paris, France, as well as certification as an Image Consultant from the Academy of Fashion and Image in Scottsdale, Arizona.

She and her husband, Bill, have two children, Lexi & Preston