Performing Arts

“I believe arts education in music, theater, dance and the visual arts is one of the most creative ways we have to find the gold that is buried just beneath the surface. [Children] have an enthusiasm for life, a spark of creativity and vivid imaginations that need training. . . training that prepares them to become confident young men and women. . .”

– U.S. Secretary of Education, Richard W. Riley

Our desire at ArtsView is to nurture the development of the performing arts in our community by creating, producing, and performing works that engage people of all ages. We offer year-round performances for and by children.


  • Our Season includes 4 productions. . .a spring Main Stage Production, a summer Youth Production, a summer Teen Theatre Production, & a fall Main Stage Production. Auditions are open to anyone within the age range of the production, there is no cost to audition. If you are cast there is a $50 production fee, which covers the cost of your script, any music CDs (if performing in a musical), and a production t-shirt.


  • At ArtsView, we believe the audition process is a learning tool in itself.  Being able to stand up in front of people, follow directions, and listen carefully are life skills we all need.  Dealing with success and disappointment is a part of the growing process as well. See Current Auditions & Audition FAQ’s.


  • To see how ArtsView has grown over the years and all of the amazing opportunities we have had to be involved in the lives of children, see Previous Seasons & Photograph Galleries.