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Book and Lyris by
Sir William S. Gilbert
Music by
Sir Arthur S. Sullivan

As presented on Broadway by The New York Shakespeare Festival
Produced by Joseph Papp
Directed by William Leach
Music Adaptation by William Elliot
Choreography by Graciela Daniele

The Pirates of Penzance JR.
Is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI).
All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI.

Directed by
Kaitlin de Graffenried

~Special Thanks to the City of Longview ~
ArtsView Children’s Theatre wishes to thank the Cultural Activities Advisory Commission for their continuing support of selected productions and musicals

Summer Production Ages 10-18

Auditions: June 22 & 23, 2017

Evenings: July 27-29 at 7:00pm
Matinee: July 29 & 30 at 2:00pm

Audition Location, Dates, & Times

Audition Sign-Up Online: May 1 – June 20, 2017

Location: ArtsView Children’s Theatre, 313 West Tyler St., Longview, TX 75601

Auditions: Thursday & Friday – June 22 & 23, 5:30 – 8:30pm

Callbacks: Saturday, June 24, 10:00am-2:00pm – Call Back List posted by 9:30pm Friday, June 23.
Cast List: Posted by 7:00pm, Saturday, June 24th (on website, Facebook, & ACT door)

If cast, there is a $50 supply fee which includes  script, CD, T-shirt, costumes, and production supplies.

*Participation in auditions does not guarantee a role in the production.*

~ See audition details below ~

Story Synopsis

Set sail with this classic comedy that boasts one of the most famous patter songs in musical theatre history. The wit and whimsy of Gilbert and Sullivan’s classic score is suffused with a modern sensibility in The Pirates of Penzance JR., a swashbuckling musical journey!
Set on the rocky coast of Cornwall, England, The Pirates of Penzance JR. begins with a group of pirates who are celebrating the birthday of one of their own, Frederic, who has reached his 21st year. Finally having served the full length of his required time with the pirates, he decides to strike off on his own and become an upstanding citizen – which may even mean bringing the pirates to justice. This turns out to be a tricky prospect indeed, especially when Frederic’s freedom is called into question! The Pirates Of Penzance JR. is a light, comic introduction to the work of Gilbert and Sullivan, featuring opportunities for singing as an ensemble or in small groups, with vocal parts written in unison or simple two-part harmony.


The director will be looking for actors who can read and sing the assigned roles with personality and depth.


Samuel – a pirate and serves as the second in command to the Pirate King. Where the Pirate King is self-assured, assertive, and strong, Samuel is more bookish. Think of him as the accountant to the Pirates.

Pirate King – is a great comic role for someone who is self assured, great at physical comedy, and can hold a tune. This role is for someone who is inventive, fearless and willing to take positive risks.

Frederic– is the male ingénue of the show. He should have a great voice that is polished. Frederic should also have looks that qualify as “dreamy” if at all possible.

Ruth – is a humoristic tour-de-force for a young comedian. She should be able to play matronly but still be vibrant and full of energy. Ruth should be an actor with a good voice and comic timing who can be bigger than life and be able to hold a vocal harmony by herself.

Kate, Edith, and Isabel – are the leaders of General Stanley’s daughters. These three should be good singers, dancers, actresses and Edith should be able to hold a complex vocal harmony by herself.

Mabel – is the female ingénue. She must have a strong, polished, operatic or legitimate voice with a very wide range and the ability to sustain higher notes and handle vocal runs with ease.

Major-General Stanley – is one of the signature character types in any Gilbert and Sullivan show. In The Pirates of Penzance, the Major-General is the character who delivers the rapid fire patter song. This comedic role requires an actor with excellent rhythm and impeccable timing with superior diction and articulation.

Sergeant – a good singer and a natural leader when on stage. The Sergeant leads a bumbling police force, think “Key Stone Cops” as your inspiration.

Police Chorus – great dancers and singers. The police are traditionally portrayed as “Key Stone Cops”; so performers who are very funny and physically adept will be great in this featured group.

Daughter Chorus – daughters of Major General Stanley range in type and talent from great singers, dancers and actresses to any combination of the three. Though mostly on stage as a group, each of these ladies is unique, possessing individual characteristics (silly, bored, awkward, jealous, brainy, etc).

Pirate Chorus – Rowdy! Loud! and Loveable! is the only way to describe this motley crew of sea-loving Pirates. This kooky band of outlaws is a hodgepodge of individual personalities as wide as the actor’s imagination will allow. The more creative the actors, the more this group of hammy hooligans shine.

Audition Details

Sign Up Online May 1 – June 20, 2017
Members of the audition panel are looking for actors with individuality, energy, the ability to take direction, and the ability to cooperate in a group. During auditions, actors are encouraged to perform actions and dialogue that will best represent the characters in the play. This will help the panel determine which role may be best for you!

A successful audition means accomplishing the following goals:
1. Do the best you can that day. Be confident and focus on having a good audition, instead of simply getting cast.
2. Learn something. Never leave an audition/call back without learning a new acting trick, new audition material, or making a new friend.
3. Have Fun! Yes, “Acting is Reacting,” BUT….it’s also PRETENDING! It’s time to PLAY!

We are excited about this production of  Pirates of Penzance JR., and invite all who love theatre to audition!

Audition Preparation

  1. Print the Audition Information Sheets found here. Fill them out and bring them with you to auditions. Please include a resume of prior theatrical experience as well as a recent photo/headshot of yourself. These will not be returned to you.
  2. Check the Rehearsal Dates & Performance Dates (also see June – July calendars here) for scheduling conflicts. Be sure to list these on your Audition Information Sheets.
  3. Please wear comfortable, modest clothing and athletic sneakers, dance sneakers, or jazz shoes.
  4. Please choose a song from Pirates of Penzance Jr., or another musical in the same genre that is 30-60 seconds in length. Please make sure it is the karaoke track (no vocals) and is on a CD, iPod, or iPhone. A piano accompanist will be available, but please bring your own sheet music.
  5. You will cold read from the script. No monologues, please.

**As part of ArtsView’s child safety policy, clear background checks are a prerequisite for all ArtsView participants, volunteers, staff, and production team members, ages 18 & up.

What to Expect at Auditions

  1. Arrive 10 minutes before your audition time. Plan on staying for the entire time.
  2. Sign in and have your picture taken (if needed).
  3. Go over Audition Information Sheets to make sure you have marked all conflicts (see June – July calendars here). Attach photo & turn in paperwork.
  4. Auditions are closed. This means that only actors are allowed in the audition room. Parents may pick you up after auditions are concluded.
  5. Auditions will include reading from the script and character movement. Be willing to “try” any direction the audition panel may give you.
  6. After auditioning, you will be escorted out with your group and will be free to go.

What to Expect at Callbacks

  1. If you are called back, it simply means the director needs to see you again before casting. If requested to attend callbacks, please return to ArtsView on Saturday, June 24, 2017 from 10:00-2:00. Participation in callbacks does not guarantee a role in the production
  2. Please plan to stay the entire time. Check in at the front desk. You will receive a name tag to be worn on your RIGHT SHOULDER.
  3. Dress requirements are the same as the audition.
  4. Callbacks are closed. This means that only actors are allowed in the audition room. Parents may pick you up after callbacks are concluded.
  5. There will be a short discussion regarding the agenda for callbacks.
  6. Actors will participate in vocal and physical warm-ups as a group.
  7. You will read excerpts from the script with other actors and/or by yourself. Be prepared to read for all parts.
  8. You will be asked to sing different vocal parts.

The Cast List will be posted on the front door at ArtsView, on Facebook, and on our website by 7:00pm, June 24th.

*If cast there is a $50 supply fee which includes a script, CD, T-shirt, costumes, and all production supplies.

Auditioning is hard work! Congratulations on your amazing accomplishment!!!

Rehearsal Dates

All rehearsals will be held at ArtsView Children’s Theatre.

~ Parent/Participant Meeting with Rehearsal following – Monday, June 26th, parents, participants, and production team meet from 6:00 – 6:30pm. Please print Participant Packet emailed to you, fill out, and bring to this meeting. *Participants under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to the Participant MeetingFollowing the meeting, cast members will have rehearsal until 9:00pm. All rehearsals are closed, parents may pick up after rehearsal is over.

~ Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays June 26 – July 20, 6:00 – 9:00pm. (There is no rehearsal on Tuesday, July 4th, and Friday, July 21st)

~ Saturdays – July 8 & 15, 10:00am – 3:00pm. July 22, 10:00am – 5:00pm. These are required. 

~Tech Week: Monday – Friday, July 24 – 30, 4:00 – 9:00pm (call times apply)

~ Wednesday, July 26th, 7:00pm – Final Dress Rehearsal

*See June – July calendars here.

*Participants each receive 2 seats to dress rehearsal. These are only for the dress rehearsal performance on Wednesday, July 26th. All other performances require purchased tickets to attend.

*Rehearsal call times and release times may vary beginning 2 weeks prior to performances.

Performance Dates

Thursday, Friday, and  Saturday – July 27-29, 2017 at 7:00pm
Saturday, and Sunday – July 29 & 30, 2017 at 2:00pm

Tickets on sale Monday, June 26, 2017
$12 Online, $15 in office, by phone, or at the door

See our website: