ArtsView Children’s Theatre conducts 4 Main Stage Productions each year. Auditions are held. Not everyone gets a part.

At ArtsView, we believe the audition process is a learning tool in itself.  Being able to stand up in front of people, follow directions and listen carefully are life skills we all need.  Dealing with success and disappointment is a part of the growing process as well.

Rehearsals for ArtsView productions last from 6 – 9 weeks culminating in performances where tickets are sold to the public.

Over the years, we have put together ArtsView’s AUDITION FAQS….a tool to help you understand and be prepared for the audition process.

Audition FAQS

May I audition if I am ‘almost’ old enough?
You must be the appropriate age to participate in the production on or before the first scheduled rehearsal.

How can I prepare for Auditions?
Actors can prepare by being familiar with the characters from the production. Actors will be asked to portray these characters in a scene from the play or act out certain situations and/or emotions from the play. If the production is a musical, the director may request each actor to sing a song from the soundtrack.  Individual songs are sometimes available for purchase from iTunes.  If possible, please purchase & bring your chosen song both with and without vocals.  For the spring and fall productions, one week before auditions, ArtsView offers a “How to Audition” workshop.  This is a wonderful opportunity to learn the skill of auditioning with a master actor/director.   During the actual auditions, we encourage actors to display confidence, to follow directions given by the director, and to have fun!!!

What happens when I arrive for auditions?
Please arrive 15 minutes before your audition time to fill out paperwork and to look over scenes from the script that may be used in the audition.  Parents, please bring your calendars  and list any conflicts during the rehearsal schedule on the audition information sheet. Any conflicts not listed on the audition sheet may result in the loss of a role. Actors should bring a current ‘head shot’ photo of themselves to the audition.  Actors will have a photo taken of them for our audition records.

What can I expect when I audition? 
The auditions are “closed.”  This means that only students auditioning for roles are allowed in the audition room.  Students audition for the Audition Panel in groups.  This Panel includes the Director of the production, ArtsView’s Artistic Director, and other audition assistants.  Parents are allowed to wait in the theatre during their child’s audition.

What happens after auditions?
You may receive a call back.   A call back does not mean that you have a part.  It means that the director would like to see you again before making a final decision. Some time after call backs,  the cast list will be posted on the front door at ArtsView Children’s Theatre, on the ArtsView Facebook page, and on the website.  Don’t be discouraged if you did not get a part.  Sometimes it is just about looking the part or being the right age for the part.   If you have any questions about your audition, we encourage you to call the office for details at 903-236-7535.  A representative of ArtsView will call you back.

If my name is on the cast list, what happens next ?
If you receive a role, you may accept or decline it.  If you do accept, you will be expected to attend every rehearsal.  Any conflicts not listed on the audition sheet may result in the loss of a role. 

What does it cost to be cast in a production at ArtsView?
A $50 fee, which includes a script, t-shirt, and all materials, is due at the first rehearsal/parent meeting.