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MARCH 12-15, 2020

NOVEMBER 21-24, 2019


 Set in turn-of-the century New York City, Disney's Newsies is the rousing tale of Jack Kelly, a charismatic newsboy and leader of a band of teenaged "newsies." When titans of publishing raise distribution prices at the newsboys’ expense, Jack rallies newsies from across the city to strike against the unfair conditions and fight for what's right! 

Featuring the now classic songs “Carrying the Banner,” “Seize the Day,” and “Santa Fe,” Newsies is packed with non-stop thrills and a timeless message, perfect for the whole family and every audience.

 Cast: 25+, Flexible (Ages 10-18, with a few adults being cast)


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This Arabian Nights tale begins on a festive evening of exotic music, delightful dancers, happy courtiers and one sour tempered King.  Supremely bored, the King demands a mesmerizing tale from the best storyteller in the court, beautiful and clever Scheherazade.  She truly is a brilliant storyteller but what kind of tale involves a musician, a cook, a jester, a porter, a chancellor, an accountant, a general, dancers and merchants?  A MAGICAL one!  Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp is funny and fast paced as Scheherazade pulls members of the King's court into the action to portray the characters of her story .  Can a musician be Aladdin?  Can a dancer be a Princess?  Of course, it's in-GENIE -ous!  Because it's MAGICAL!  

The ensemble cast includes: 7 - 9 males / 7 - 9 females 

Based on Disney’s Oscar-nominated film, Disney's Mulan JR., is a heartwarming celebration of culture, honor and the fighting spirit. With hit songs and a story packed with action, humor and heart, Disney's Mulan JR. brings ancient China to life with a modern sensibility.
The Huns have invaded, and it is up to the misfit Mulan and her mischievous dragon sidekick, Mushu, to save the Emperor! Defying the village matchmaker,
Mulan takes up arms and disguises herself as a boy in order to spare her father from having to serve in the army. As the great battle with the Huns
approaches, Mulan must choose between revealing her true identity as a girl or saving all of China with her clever plan. 

Cast: 26 roles plus additional ensemble.

JULY 23-26, 2020


A young boy discovers his grandfather is dying. The old man's behavior is different; he's short-tempered and no longer tells his wonderful stories. The boy
enlists the grandfather's aid in helping him with a school project—counting the stars.

Their togetherness seems to renew the old man's interest and he begins telling stories, one of them about the dragon in the sky. The dragon, he
explains, is there to guard the stars. An old legend says that should the stars be returned to earth; it would mean a new paradise with no unhappiness, no

Hearing this, the boy goes off to slay the dragon and return the stars to earth, seeking a means of keeping his grandfather from dying. At play's end,
the youngster comes to understand how important he is to his grandfather. "I don't need to live forever," says the old man. "I need you. I need you to care
about me." "It steals the audience and steals hearts," wrote a critic when this warm and moving play opened at the Piccolo Spoleto Festival in Charleston,
South Carolina.

Cast: 8 (2 female, 2 males, 4 flexible)