ArtsView Children’s Theatre abounds with opportunities for motivated young people, ages 13-18, who love to learn, aren’t afraid to try new things, step up to challenges, and enjoy creating with others.  Apprenticing is a crucial part of a well-rounded theatre education. Through this program, apprentices can gain valuable knowledge and skills that will serve them well both in life and in the theatre. Our apprentices work with directors, technical staff, administrative staff, and participants in the areas of basic theater, lighting, sound, costumes, makeup/hair, set, props, stage management, choreography, classroom management, and even more.

  • See the descriptions of current Camps & Classes for available apprentice opportunities. (Spring, Summer, & Fall) Apprentice positions are for ages 13-18. Click the link above to apply!

  • Jr. Apprentice positions for ages 10-12 are sometimes available for events with younger participants.

  • Advanced Apprentice for Main Stage Production positions are available (by invitation) for those apprentices who have shown an exceptional work ethic, maturity, responsibility, and an eagerness to learn. These Advanced Apprentices will have the opportunity to apply to apprentice for the major productions.

  • Email Alison Roedel, at, to let us know of your interest in apprenticing for PATHS. If you do not receive a reply within 2 business days, please call our office at 903-236-7535 to make sure that your email was received.

  • If selected, an apprentice fee of $30 is applicable and includes an ArtsView ‘CREW’ shirt, training, and all supplies.

  • An interview by an ArtsView staff member is required for anyone new to the apprentice program at ArtsView.