Welcome to ArtsView Online! We are excited to provide a variety of camps, classes, and workshops in an online format. 

Registration is now open! We will add new classes throughout the summer!

Some of these offerings will be live classes using Zoom, Google Meet and/or Google Classrooms, while other offerings will be a pre-recorded series, or a combination of both formats. All will provide feedback by instructors or ArtsView staff. Since we are all under a stay-at-home order, we will need to be creative with costumes and props should those be needed for a class - theatre is about ingenuity and creativity! 

We are working hard to keep prices low for these camps and classes. If your family is dealing with financial constraints, please let us know.

Some classes may need you to gather supplies ahead of time and we will note that below. You may already have some of those items or similar items at your home, so please feel free to use those. 

Online requirements: internet access, a way to view and/or record online, an email address for communication, and possibly a gmail account for Google Meet usage. A class may require a specific program download, but those programs will be free of cost to the user. 

Participants will need to fill out an online Student Packet found here and return it to ArtsView via email if a regular student packet has not been completed for 2020. We will not be offering refunds for these online camps, classes, or workshops. 

If you have questions, please contact us via email or phone (903-236-7535).

Getting Artsy 

Scenic Painting 101

Live - using Zoom

Fridays Only


May 22nd-June 19th, 5 classes

Instructor: Dana Huber

Our Getting Artsy class will plunge you paintbrush first into Scenic Painting 101. Dana, one of our scenic artists at the theatre, has put together a phenomenal class which will have you learning about colour theory, perspective, scale, and texture. You will have specific hands-on art projects for each lesson. There is a supply list that goes along with this class, and it can be found here. You may already have some of these supplies at home. So get ready to get artsy and creative with Dana! (12 students max)

Ages 12+


Best of Broadway 

Dance Camp

Live using Zoom

Monday through Friday


June 15th - June 26th,

10 classes

Instructors: Aryelle Edmonds & Lydia Black

Get your jazz hands ready for this fantastic Best of Broadway Dance class! This class is great for any level dancer and will build upon your current skills. If you're new to dance, no worries! This class will start off in basic steps, warm-ups, cool-downs, and have you adding advanced elements from Hamilton, The Lion King, West Side Story, and more before the two weeks are over! By hosting this class online, we are able to record all the dance techniques for you and share them at each day's end so you have more time to practice mastering choreography. So grab your favourite shoes and come dance with us!  

Ages: 10-18


Afternoon With Aesop 

Live - using Zoom

Tuesdays & Thursdays

1:00pm to 2:30pm

June 2nd-18th

Director: Michelle Norris

Join us for a Reader's Theatre Performance class featuring stories from Aesop. Actors will learn the ins and outs of Reader's Theatre, get creative with props and costume pieces, and have a fantastic time from the comfort of home. This camp will culminate in a performance that will be shared online. (11 actors max.)

Ages 10-14


Peter and the


Live - using Zoom

June 8th-12th, M-F, 5 classes


Friday, June 12th 2:30pm-3:00pm will be a video performance

Instructor: Alisha Kimbley

Participants will enjoy learning the classic musical story of Peter and the Wolf! Creative dramatics, music activities, visual art and storytelling skills are a part of this fun week- all culminating into a suggested video or live performance ‘at home’ for family and friends. (10 students max)

Ages 8-12


The Flick of

the Pen ~

A Playwriting  Workshop

Live - using Zoom

Mondays Only


June 29th - July 27th, 5 classes

Instructor: Kaitlin de Graffenried

Do you have a great story to tell but don't know how to get it on the page? Have you always wanted to develop your own show? Then this workshop is definitely for you! Kaitlin is a phenomenal playwrighting instructor - she'll go over plotting, story development, drafting, and revision allowing you to develop the skill set to complete your own script. Get ready to get creative! (10 students max)

Ages: 13+


The Bard ~ 

Lessons in


Live using Zoom, Pre-Recorded, and Google Classroom


June 16th-July 14th, Tuesdays &Thursdays, 10 classes

Instructor: Jessica Smith

Come learn about the Bard with ArtsView this summer! Jessica will guide you through Shakespeare's life and his works. You'll dabble in his famed plays and sonnets, and even learn how to act and perform in them! The world is a stage - so come join us!

Ages 13-18


Tween Theatre: A Neverland Adventure

Live - using Zoom


June 22nd-June 26th, M-F, 5 classes

Director: Michelle Norris

Come set sail for Neverland!

Participants will work on character development as Lost Boys, Pirates, Mermaids and other beloved Neverland characters, learn how actors use physicality on screen, create their own live sound effects, and more in this fast paced one week mini performance camp. 

(10 actors max.)

Ages: 11-12


Is This Pretend Life or is This Just Theatre - Theatre 101

Pre-Recorded, Live - using Zoom, Google Classroom

Monday, Wednesday, Fridays


June 15th-July 3rd, 9 classes

Instructor: Jessica Smith

Looking for a class all about theatre? Then, Is Pretend Life Or Is This Just Theatre will be perfect for you! This class is geared for someone who is a novice in the performing arts. Our Theatre 101 class will cover basic acting skills, theatre stage types, actor body positions, exercises, and more. Taught by Gladewater High School drama teacher, Jessica Smith, this class will offer you a unique and fun perspective of theatre and will allow you to apply these skills to acting at ArtsView. 

Ages: 10-18


Mirror Mirror

A Tale of Snow White

Live using Zoom,

Tuesdays and Thursdays,


July 7th-July 23rd, 6 classes

Director: Michelle Norris

Guest Instructor: Penne Duke

Participants will delve into the script, develop characters with lots of personality, and follow this acting troupe of dwarves as they save Snow White. Actors will learn the ins and outs of Reader's Theatre, get creative with props and costume pieces, and work on foley sound effects  This camp will culminate in a performance that will be shared online. (12 actors max.)

Age: 10-16


(903) 236-7535

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