Everything you Need to Know about the Audition Process

Please read through our Covid-19 guidelines before registering to audition - these will be updated as needed.

Sign up HERE to register to audition. Auditions will be held online.

Audition sides will be emailed out prior to auditions.


The Boy Who Stole the Stars

Casting Ages 13-20

Evenings: July 23rd - July 25th at 7pm
Matinees: July 25th at 2pm

Audition Sign-Up Online: June 12th-19th, 2020

Location: ArtsView Children’s Theatre, 313 W. Tyler St., Longview, TX 75601

Auditions: Friday, June 19th scheduled from 9:00am-10:30am and 6:00pm-7:30pm slots

Cast List: Posted by 5:00pm, Saturday, June 20th (on website, facebook)

Typically, if cast, there would be a  $50 supply fee which includes script, t-shirt, costumes, and production supplies; however, with for this show, the fee is waived. We will not have a tee shirt for this production. 

*Participation in audition does not guarantee a role in the production.*

~ See audition details below ~


For Nicholas, his grandfather is his hero, his closest friend, his mentor. And he can't wait one more day to come over for summer vacation. Upon arriving at his grandparent's house, Nicholas discovers grandpa is short-tempered to both him and grandma. His behavior is noticeably odd.  What's worse, grandpa no longer seems to want to do anything until Nicholas starts to talk about the one topic that Grandpa can't resist The stars.  Nicholas makes them his summer science project. The night sky seems to bring back the closeness of the two and even gets Grandpa to tell his stories, including one about the dragon in the sky.

The dragon, he explains, is there to guard the stars. They are the fragments of paradise. According to an old legend, should anyone be able to slay the dragon, they could steal the stars and return paradise to earth. There would be no unhappiness, no sickness, no death.

When Nicholas is told that Grandpa is dying, he goes off to do what any 10 year old would do to save his hero. He sets off to slay a dragon. What he finds this summer is more powerful than a dragon, inescapable reality.

Based on the subject of the show, a rating of mature 7 and up is place on it. This one act play lasts approx. 60 minutes. 

About the playwright Julian Wiles: He is the founder and producing artistic director of Charleston Stage Company which, under his leadership, has grown into one of South Carolina's largest arts organizations. Wiles has also made a major commitment to youth education and was awarded the National Youth Theatre Directors Award in 1988. He has received the South Carolina Governor's Award for Excellence



The Director will be looking for actors who can read the assigned roles with personality and depth. Come willing to try new things! 



Nicholas: A young boy – Bright, inquisitive, genuine. 


Bessie: Nicholas' Grandmother – In her 60s – warm, calm and loving.


Matthew: Nicholas' Grandfather in his 60s or 70s. In the first half of the play his keen intelligence is belied by a befuddled or distracted effect. Toward the latter half of the play he becomes increasingly alert with animation and insight.


Genevieve: A Tom boy, can be sharp tongued, but is actually very thoughtful and sensitive. 


2-3 actors of any age to manipulate a Chinese dragon. (May be crew manipulating puppet)

Male or female to do voice over for voice of poet. This will be recorded.


Sign Up Online: June 12th-June 19th, 2020

Members of the audition panel are looking for actors with individuality, energy, the ability to take direction, and the ability to cooperate in a group. During auditions, actors are encouraged to perform actions and dialogue that will best represent the characters in the play. This will help the panel determine which role may be best for you!

A successful audition means accomplishing the following goals:

1. Do the best you can that day. Be confident and focus on having a good audition, instead of simply getting cast.
2. Learn something. Never leave an audition/call back without learning a new acting trick, new audition material, or making a new friend.
3. Have Fun! Yes, “Acting is Reacting,” BUT….it’s also PRETENDING! It’s time to PLAY!    

We are excited about this production of Disney's Mulan JR and invite all who love theatre to audition!


Audition Preparation

  1. Print the Audition Information Sheets found here. Fill them out and bring them with you to auditions. Please include a resume of prior theatrical experience as well as a recent photo/headshot of yourself. These will not be returned to you.

  2. Check the rehearsal and performance dates on the calendar here for scheduling conflicts. Be sure to list these on your Audition Information Sheets.

  3. Please wear comfortable, modest clothing and athletic sneakers, dance/jazz shoes.

  4. You will cold read from the script. 

  5. Be prepared to take direction and be willing to show character traits.

**Clear background checks are a prerequisite for all ArtsView volunteers, staff, cast, and production team members, ages 18 & up, as part of ArtsView’s child safety policy.


What to Expect at Auditions - PLEASE NOTE, THESE AUDITIONS WILL BE SCHEDULED ONLINE. Please arrive on time to your slotted audition. 

  1. Arrive 10-15 minutes before your auditions begin, and plan to stay the entire time. 

  2. Sign in and have your picture taken (if needed).

  3. Go over Audition Information Sheets to make sure you have marked all conflicts (see calendar here). Attach photo & turn in paperwork.

  4. Auditions are closed. This means that only actors are allowed in the audition room.

  5. Auditions will include reading from the script and character movement. Be willing to “try” any direction the audition panel may give you.


Callbacks - There will be no callbacks for this show. 

  1. If you are “called back,” it is simply because the director needs to see you again before casting. If requested to attend Callbacks, please return to ArtsView on (not applicable). Participation in Callbacks does not guarantee a role in the production.

  2. Dress requirements are the same as the audition.

  3. Please plan to stay the entire time. Check in at the front desk. You will receive a name tag to be worn on your RIGHT SHOULDER.

  4. Callbacks are closed, therefore, parents/friends/family members will not be permitted in the theater unless there is an emergency.

  5. There will be a short discussion regarding the agenda for call backs.

  6. Actors will participate in vocal and physical warm-ups as a group.

  7. You will read excerpts from the script with other actors and/or by yourself. Be prepared to read for all parts.

The Cast List will be posted on the front door at ArtsView, on Facebook, and on our website by 5:00pm, Saturday, June 20th.


Rehearsals will be held in mixed locations. Please see below:

a. Begin online rehearsals June 22nd. - Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 8am-10am

b. Begin in person outdoor rehearsals in the morning at The Green starting June 29th - Monday, 

    Wednesday, Friday 8am-10am. 

c. Begin indoor rehearsals in the morning inside ArtsView starting July 7th - Tuesday (the 7th), and

    the Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays 8am-10am.

d. Set performance dates for July 23rd-25th - We are still looking at the possibility of live

    audiences or streaming online.  Tech Week rehearsals will vary in times. 

Parent Meetings are typically done for each show, but for this one, Michelle will send out a video explaining everything, a copy of the covid guidelines, etc, and parents will need to watch the video and email back any questions they may have. 

Final Dress Rehearsal Performance: Wednesday, July 22nd, 7:00 pm. *Participants may invite 2 guests to attend. (As long as this show is in person)
**Rehearsal call times and release times may vary beginning 2 weeks prior to performances.


All performances will tentatively be held at ArtsView Children’s Theatre

Evenings:  July 23rd - July 25th at 7:00pm

Matinees: July 25th at 2:00pm

Tickets on sale Monday, July 6th, 2020 for the Guild and Friday, July 10th for the General Public. 

(903) 236-7535

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