In keeping with our mission of changing lives through education, outreach, and the performing arts, ArtsView Children’s Theatre is proud to be able to continue offering our long-standing Fee Assistance Program to remove the financial stress to those who may otherwise not be able to participate and gain the benefits offered alongside the fun and family that forms in a live theatre setting.


To ensure we are able to provide assistance to as many families as we can, ArtsView will be enacting the following policy beginning at the start of our Fall 2019 PATHs semester which opens on July 15th, 2019:


New families that may qualify for our Fee Assistance Program are asked to contact the office to start the application and get any required qualification documents together and submitted to ArtsView prior to registration for any camp, class, or workshop.

Each camp, class, or workshop will have a set number of spots set aside specifically for families that qualify for our Fee Assistance Program. That number will be determined based on the type of camp, class, or workshop opportunity.

ALL families that qualify for our Fee Assistance Program will be asked to register over the phone to ensure they receive one of the Fee Assistance spots. In no way will it be known to the directors, teachers, or other campers who is or is not receiving Fee Assistance.

Fee Assistance will reduce the tuition of the camp, class, or workshop by 50% provided the original tuition cost is over $60.00. Fee Assistance is not offered on any tuition or fee that is less than $60.00.

Fee Assistance reduced tuition will be applied to the remaining balance due after the non-refundable deposit is applied to secure the registration in the camp, class, or workshop. The non-refundable deposit is $10 for audition workshops, $25 for classes or mini-camps, and $50 for camps that include a ticketed performance and/or are 2 weeks or longer in length.

Each approved Fee Assistance actor or actress will be limited to 3 Fee Assistance qualifying PATHs opportunities (those that are over $60.00 in tuition) per year.

Any camper who receives Fee Assistance that is registered online by a parent or guardian will be removed from the registration list. The online registration spots will be set to a lower limit to allow for the set number of Fee Assistance spaces which will be filled manually by one of the office staff.

Fee Assistance slots will be filled on a first come, first served basis. There will be a waitlist in the event the opportunity you are interested in is filled to ensure you are contacted in the order you called to register.


ArtsView appreciates the privilege that grants us the opportunity change the lives of the families in our community.  By updating our Fee Assistance Policy, we are able to expand our Fee Assistance opportunities to even more families.   Thank you!