Newsies Call Back List

Thank you everyone for coming to Auditions! We will have call backs from 10am to 12pm. If you cannot make call backs, please email and let Michelle know.

Joel Cammack

Pete Silverthorne

Kaitlin Cheney

Abigail Vaughn

Ava Collins

Matthew Gray

Anna Gray

Colton Dearborn

Faith Harris

Bryan Murillo

Sarah Cate Freeman

Julya Socoteanu

Jacob Weaver

Sophia Yastrebov

Megan Langford

Kaitlyn Graves

Laura Ford

Clark Medin

Maverick Kelley

Ewan Bowman

Micah Huber

Evan Johnson

Cecily Bowman

Jace Hill

Zosia Huber

Preston Cammack

Kaitlynn Canaguier

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