Newsies Cast List

Thank you so much for auditioning! We had over 80 people audition for this show and you all showcased such wonderful talent over the past three days. Please come audition for Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp in January 2019.

Congrats to the 2019 Cast of Newsies! Please note, there is a mandatory Parent/Cast Meeting on Monday, September 30th beginning at 6pm. Doors open at 5:50pm. The Meeting will end by 6:30pm, and then we will go into rehearsal until 8:30pm. All cast is called Monday for the read through. The remainder of the kids/teens will need to be at Tuesday(10/1) and Thursday (10/3) rehearsals from 6:00pm to 8:30pm, no adults are needed those nights this week. We do have Saturday rehearsal called on 10/5 - see Sunday’s email for call list. If you have conflicts submitted, we know you will not be at rehearsal. Michelle will send out an email Sunday with all pertinent paperwork relating to the show! Congrats again!

Jack Kelly: Jacob Weaver

Katherine Plumber: Megan Langford

Crutchie: Nathan Bachtell

Davey: Preston Cammack

Les: Joel Cammack

Race: Sophia Yastrebov (Katherine Understudy)

Finch: Emma Doster (Race Understudy)

Romeo/Darcy Hearst: Evan Johnson (Jack Understudy)

Albert: Devon Jetton

Specs: Mykey “Bug” Feldhauser

Henry: Jade Pugh

Elmer: Ewan Bowman

Mush: Micah Huber

Buttons: Matthew Gray

Splasher: Laura Ford

Tommy Boy: Trysten Edmonds

Jo Jo: Julya Socoteanu

Mike: Clark Medin

Ike: Maleigh-Saige Feldhauser

Bill Hearst/Police: Micah Socoteanu

Wiesel/Bowery Beauty: Jase Hill

Morris Delancey/Newsies Ensemble: Abigail Vaughn

Oscar Delancey/Mayor/Newsies Ensemble: Colton Dearborn

Joseph Pulitzer: Scott Bowman

Seitz: Jessica Smith

Bunsen/Nun: Caroline Mason

Hannah/Spot Conlon/Nun: Julianna Moore

Nunzio/Snyder the Spider: David Huber

Medda Larkin: Leisha Kidd-Brooks

Governor Teddy Roosevelt/Stage Manager/Police: Mark Roedel

Mr. Jacobi: Caleb Buchanek

Newsie Ensemble: Ryland Roedel

Bowery Beauty/Nun/Woman/Newsies Ensemble: Cecily Bowman

Bowery Beauty/Nun/Newsie Ensemble: Kaitlyn Graves and Abigail Volle

Newsies Dance Ensemble: Samuel Huber, Annabelle Huber, Kate Wallace, Kaitlynn Canaguier

Scabs/Newsies Ensemble: Zosia Huber, Sarah Cate Freeman, Anna Gray

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