The Show Must Go Online! Cast Announced

We had so many fantastic auditions for our first online musical! Thank you for making us smile and laugh - it has been so needed! Be on the look out - we may share some of them online.

This is a very different show - as some of you gathered by the audition sides - so we will break out all the student character roles during our first rehearsal on Tuesday, April 27th. Everyone will need to have a parent with them during the Parent Meeting - it will be super short - but it starts at 6:00pm that night. After that wraps up, all the actors will get on Zoom together and we will do a read through and assign roles.

Michelle will send out an email with lots of information Sunday/Monday so please be looking for it. It will have paperwork, production information, and call times listed in it for the rest of next week.


Teacher: Jade Pugh

Students (in no particular order): Aubrey Silverthorne, Ben Hatfield, Blaire Bodenheimer, Bryan Murillo, Charity Murillo, Clark Medin, Colton Dearborn, Elizabeth Fortenberry, Faith Wyrick, Jacob Weaver, Joel Cammack, Julia Barajaz, Kaidlen Key, Luke Berryhill, Lydia Clipperton, Meghan Brondum, Micah Huber, Michelle Grathree, Mykey Feldhauser, Nathan Bachtell, Pete Silverthorne, Preston Cammack, Ryleigh Edmonds, Seth Morris, Sophia Yastrebov, Trysten Edmonds, Zosia Huber

Again, you were all fabulous and Jessica and Michelle are so excited to start working with you all!!!


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