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“Changing lives through education, outreach, and the performing arts!”

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” – Albert Einstein

Education at ArtsView Children’s Theatre is so much more than learning how to sing, act, or dance. Children of all ages, as well as adults, are introduced to essential knowledge and life skills every time they visit ArtsView. Each age group delves a little deeper into perception, creative expression, historical and cultural heritage, response and evaluation. The tools used to develop these skills are song, dance, and theatre.

Outreach into the East Texas community is ongoing at ArtsView. The ArtsView Show Choirs perform throughout the year, bringing entertainment to various community organizations while learning about different cultures, history, and responses.  Our Fee Assistance program is available to families in need. ArtsView also initiates Collaborations with Area Arts and Nonprofit Organizations.

Touching our Community with Giving, Entertainment and Encouragement!

At ArtsView, our desire is to nurture the development of the Performing Arts in our community by creating, producing, and performing works that engage people of all ages. We offer year-round performances for and by children. Each year ArtsView conducts 4 Main Stage Productions, as well as spring, summer, and winter, camp performances.

“Theatre, for me, was never about never about a love of performing or a desire for friends and something to do. I have no deep desire to be on stage, but that doesn’t make theatre any less special to me. Theatre to me has always been fueled by a desire to work my brain in another way. I’m primarily an academic at heart, a lover of math and science in particular, but with a penchant for all subjects. However, a person cannot be at their strongest mentally if they’re purely academic. A creative outlet, allowing you to think in another way, strengthens your mind and imagination. Theatre provides an opportunity to exercise the creative parts of your brain. It forces you to think in another way: to imagine, to understand, and to create art. This creative thought, this exercise in creation is something many people do not have the chance to partake in. It has allowed me to broaden my mind, and transformed me into a more confident, well rounded individual. A combination of creative and academic thought has allowed me to achieve all I’ve done. Without this opportunity to explore that other part of my mind, I would not have achieved such distinctions as National Merit Scholar and National AP Scholar. For such an opportunity I am extraordinarily thankful.” – High School Student

We hope you will decide to be a part of the growing excitement at ArtsView Children’s Theatre. ArtsView is indeed the home of “wide-eyed wonder.” We have created a place where the stars will shine for East Texas children and a place. . .